RICHARD DUNBAR – Clear-Eyed Vision (1981)

Jahari – JR101
US, 1981

A1 Ancestral Remembrance
A2 Three Points of the Locus
A3 Moving thru a Monastery/herein contained/graduation proclamation/'tending the fires of infinity/free relations/guardian of the portal
A4 Clear-eyed Vision
B1 She threw the key away
B2 The Story Teller
B3 Hee and Toe
B4 The Locus of Points

Tyrone Brown – vocal
Ken Hutson – bass violin
Ron Rahsaan – drums
Richard Dunbar – horn, piano, bass guitar, guitar
Masujaa Saimu – electric guitar

What seems to be, un film de Richard Dunbar from Luc Riolon on Vimeo.

BJÖRN ALKES KVARTETT – Jazz I Sverige '74 (1974)

Caprice – RIKS LP 72
Sweden, 1974

A1 Klagosång Till Bertil Zachrisson
A2 Blues För Ann-Katrin
A3 Nepal
A4 Elegie
A5 Kitten On The Keys
B1 Intakt
B2 Wienerkorven
B3 Gun
B4 Kommunisten

Björn Alke – bass, violin
Göran Strandberg – piano
Gunnar Bergsten – soprano sax, baritone sax, flute
Fredrik Norén – drums

JOE BOZZI QUINTET – On Stage (1977)

Norman Records – MK77-620
US, 1977

A1 Chameleon
A2 Got To Get You Into My Life
A3 Invitation
A4 Masquerade
B1 Charlie's Angels
B2 I Wish
B3 Love Of My Life
B4 Satin Doll
B5 Chameleon (reprise)

Joe Bozzi – trumpet, flugelhorn, vibraphone, cowbell, guiro, backup vocals
Dee Dee "Wah Wah" Perrino – fender rhodes piano, clavinet, wah wah's
Michael Grimes – percussion, backup vocals
George McKale – electric bass, trumpet, flute, lead vocal, backup vocals
Michelle Cardillo – lead vocals, backup vocals

KVARTETTEN – Kvartetten (1984)

Stunt – STULP 8402
Denmark, 1984

A1 Mujer de Trepkasgade
A2 Confidence
A3 The Sobstory
A4 The Elephant Dance
A5 La Siesta
B1 Bass-up
B2 Quilombo
B3 Choro
B4 Birds
B5 Don't Worry

Lars Graugaard – flute, percussion
Christian Sievert – guitar, percussion, vocal
Hugo Rasmussen – bass
Bjarne Rostvold – drums, percussion

BILLY PETERSON BAND – Threshold of Surrender (1981)

Celebration – CB-5010
US, 1981

A1 Gun Lap
A2 Odin's Oarship
A3 Tracy
B1 California Extremes
B2 Threshold of Surrender
B3 Teresa

Billy Peterson – string bass, bowed bass, piano, drums
Bobby Peterson – piano, electric piano
Bob Rockwell – tenor sax, soprano sax, bass clarinet
Brian Griuna – tenor sax
Greg Lewis – trumpet
Dave Graff – trombone
Steve Wright – flugelhorn
Jim Ten Bensel – trombone, bass trombone
John England – trombone
Dave Karr – flute, alto flute
Paul Lagos – drums
Mike Elliott – guitar
Steve Kimmell – percussion
Bill Berg – percussion
Dabba Albada – percussion

PAUL NASH – A Jazz Composer's Ensemble (1979)

Revelation – REV-32
US, 1979

A1 Marigail-Marigold
A2 Passing Glance
A3 Our Time Is Numbered
B1 Tamalpais Night
B2 The Joy
B3 Full Spiral

Paul Nash – acoustic guitar, guitar, cowbell
Charlie McCarthy – alto sax
Gary Myose – alto sax
Jim Dukey – alto sax
Gregory Yasinitsky – soprano sax
Bobby Ferreira – tenor sax
Noel Jewkes – tenor sax
Mark Greenwald – bass trombone
Nick Tenbroek – bass trombone
Ed Neumeister – trombone
Wayne Wallace – trombone
Mark Isham – trumpet
Anne Yasinitzky – flute
Art Lande – piano
Bob Mocarsky – piano
Dave Dunaway: bass, electric bass
Davis Ramey – electric guitar, guitar
Eddie Marshall – drums
Jim Zimmermann – drums
Rick Quintinal – drums
Kent Middleton – congas

DICK GRIFFIN – A Dream For Rahsaan (1985)

Ruby Records – RRS-771
US, 1985

A1 There Is A Time For Love
A2 Darkness Of Duke
A3 Come In And See
B1 The Love Always Blues
B2 It's About That Time
B3 A Dream For Rahsaan

Dick Griffin – trombone
Gary Bartz – alto sax
Cecil McBee – bass
Stanley Cowell – piano
Billy Hart – drums (A2&B3)
Idris Muhammad – drums (A1,A3,B1&B2)

produced by Dick Griffin & Teruo Nakamura