Strata Records – SRI 1001-73
US, 1973

beginnings or endings depending on your level of entry

Bang! / Tao / Noh Word / Nguzo Saba (Struggle) / Inner Beckoning

Ken Cox – electric piano, piano
Charles Eubanks – electric piano
Charles Moore – flugelhorn, trumpet, percussion
Leon Henderson – tenor sax, soprano sax
Ron English – guitar
Ron Brooks – bass
Bud Spangler – drums, percussion
Dan Spencer – drums, percussion

JAS – Volcano (1985)

Not on label – 2801
US, 1985
private press

A1 Let Them Live
A2 Jimmy's Jump
A3 Atlanta
A4 River
B1 St. Helens
B2 The Sky Is Falling

J.A. Schneider – piano
Kimio Young – alto sax
Neal Starkey – bass (side A)
Dewey Sampson – bass (side B)
J. Khaleefa Haamid – drums
Tony Waters – percussion

ASTILLERO – Astillero (1985)

Astillero – ARO–1001
Mexico, 1985
private press

A1 Eva
A2 Balcones
A3 Los Olivos
B1 Piramides
B2 Rumores Urbanos
B3 El Duende

Marco Antonio Morel – acoustic guitar
Renato Menconi 'Mazola' – tenor sax, flute
Pablo Anguiano – drums, percussion
Alejandro Perez-Saez – electric bass

SADIK HAKIM – London Suite (1973)

Radio Canada International – RCI 378
Canada, 1973

A London Suite
I. Heathrow in the morning
II. Oxford Circus at noon
III. Greek Street break-in
IV. Harlow homecoming
B1 Liliane
B2 Grey Cup Caper
B3 Portrait Of Cousin Mickey
B4 Moon In Aquarius

Sadik Hakim – piano, electric piano
Al-Khabyyr Sayyd Abdul – alto sax, flute
Billy Robinson – tenor sax
Peter Leitch – guitar
Vic Angelello – bass, electric bass
Keith Mckendry – drums


Circle Records – RK 31279/20
Germany, 1980

A1 Flesh & Blood
A2 For Those Who Loved Him
A3 O.C & Montville
B Trance Suite
– Signs of The Times
– Trance
– Merry Death Dance

Marty Cook – trombone, composer, arranger
Ratso Harris – bass
John Betsch – drums
Monty Waters – alto sax
Seth Brody – tenor sax
Curtis Clark – piano

SEIICHI NAKAMURA QUARTET – ふれんち Dancers (1982)

Eastworld – WTP-90162
Japan, 1982

A1 Lady's Flower
A2 McCoy's Mood
A3 ス―ハ― Sax [Super Sax]
A4 Krin Krin
A5 活動写真 [Motion Picture]
B1 ふれんち Dancers [French Dancers]
B2 Carnival
B3 Anthropology
B4 Cherokee
B5 偽日記 [False Diary]

Seiichi Nakamura – tenor sax, soprano sax
Jun Hakamazuka – piano
Yukio Kimura – drums
Tokunari Kawana – bass