TINO KONTRERAS – La Musica Infinita (Discos Latino's Linea De Oro, 1979)

Tino Kontreras – La Musica Infinita
Discos Latino's De Oro LP-DL-2006
Mexico, 1979
private press

A1 Papaztrato
A2 Niña Yavel
B1 Noche Rosa
B2 ¡¡Fiebre De Amor!!

Tino Kontreras – percussion, vocals
Jesús – keyboards
Sergio – keyboards
Arturo – bass
Francisco – percussion
Agustin – guitar


JORGE LOPEZ RUIZ – Viejas Raices (EMI, 1975)

Jorge Lopez Ruiz  – Viejas Raices
EMI – 8123
Argentina, 1975

A1 J.M. "Pepe" – El Condor
A2 Del Galope Cuadrero
A3 La Rosalba Y El Guri
A4 La Chiquita Esa
B1 Viejas Raices – Nuevos Contextos
B2 Ellos Dos – El Futuro
B3 E.C. Amigo
B4 Rumimus (1974 - 26 Años Después)

Hugo Pierre – saxos soprano y alto, flautas traversa, dulce y dulce en Fa, clarinete y pincuyo
Victor Díaz Vélez – piano eléctrico
Ricardo Lew – guitarra eléctrico y acústica
Pocho Lapouble – batería, accesorios de percusión
Domingo Cura – bombo indio, tamburra hindú, accesorios de percusión
Jorge López Ruiz – contrabajo acústico y eléctrico


VIBRATION SOCIETY – The Music of Rahsaan Roland Kirk (Stash, 1986)

Stash Records – ST-261
US, 1986

A1 Serenade to a Cuckoo
A2 Theme for the Eulipions
A3 A Handful of Fives
A4 Spirits Up Above
B1 The Inflated Tear
B2 My Delight
B3 Bright Moments
B4 Steppin' Into Beauty

Bill Hardman – trumpet
Steve Turre  – trombone, bass trombone, bells, four conch shells
Junior Cook – tenor sax
Hilton Ruiz  – piano
Paul Brown – bass
Leroy Williams – drums
Suzanne Klewan – vocals (A2, A4, B3)
Timmy Shepherd – vocals (A2, A4, B3)
Andromeda – effects (A1)



Hesteria Records – HESTERIA 00001
US, 1981
private press

A1 The Jive Cycles Within An Integrated Force-Field
A2 Ballad
A3 It's About Time The Rain Came
B1 Pan African Ballet Music

Karlton Hester – flute, piccolo flute
Dwaine Spurlin – soprano sax, tenor sax
Chioke Okpara – tenor sax
Mpenda – tenor sax
Lewis Jordan – alto sax
Ray Collins – clarinet, alto clarinet
Rasul Siddik – trumpet
Larry Douglas – trumpet, flugelhorn
Matthew Harrell – bassoon
Hawley Currens – violin
Bette Hered – oboe, english horn
Charles Thomas – bass
Terry Elliott – piano
Kamau Seitu – drums


HARRY BECKETT – Joy Unlimited (Cadillac, 1975)

Cadillac – SGC 1004
UK, 1975

A1 No time for hello
A2 Glowing
A3 Changes are still happening
A4 Bracelets of sound
B1 Rings within rings
B2 Not just tomorrow

Harry Beckett – trumpet, flugelhorn
Ray Russell – guitar
Brian Miller – piano, electric piano, synthesizer
Darry Runswick – bass, bass guitar
Nigel Morris – drums
Martin David – congas

all compositions by Harry Beckett


BRIDGEWATER BROTHERS – Generation Suite (Denon, 1979)

Denon – YX-7802-ND
Japan, 1979

A1 African Sunrise
A2 Bororo
A3 Sade
A4 Synapse
B1 Your Ballad
B2 Something I Saw Thru My Mind
B3 Samba Para Ustedos Dos

Cecil Bridgewater – trumpet, flugelhorn
Ron Bridgewater – tenor sax, soprano sax, flute
Hubert Eaves – piano, kalimba
Donald Smith – electric piano, flute
Reggie Workman – bass, percussion
Michael Carvin – drums



Strata Records – SRI 1001-73
US, 1973

beginnings or endings depending on your level of entry

Bang! / Tao / Noh Word / Nguzo Saba (Struggle) / Inner Beckoning

Ken Cox – electric piano, piano
Charles Eubanks – electric piano
Charles Moore – flugelhorn, trumpet, percussion
Leon Henderson – tenor sax, soprano sax
Ron English – guitar
Ron Brooks – bass
Bud Spangler – drums, percussion
Dan Spencer – drums, percussion


JAS – Volcano (1985)

Not on label – 2801
US, 1985
private press

A1 Let Them Live
A2 Jimmy's Jump
A3 Atlanta
A4 River
B1 St. Helens
B2 The Sky Is Falling

J.A. Schneider – piano
Kimio Young – alto sax
Neal Starkey – bass (side A)
Dewey Sampson – bass (side B)
J. Khaleefa Haamid – drums
Tony Waters – percussion


ASTILLERO – Astillero (1985)

Astillero – ARO–1001
Mexico, 1985
private press

A1 Eva
A2 Balcones
A3 Los Olivos
B1 Piramides
B2 Rumores Urbanos
B3 El Duende

Marco Antonio Morel – acoustic guitar
Renato Menconi 'Mazola' – tenor sax, flute
Pablo Anguiano – drums, percussion
Alejandro Perez-Saez – electric bass


SADIK HAKIM – London Suite (1973)

Radio Canada International – RCI 378
Canada, 1973

A London Suite
I. Heathrow in the morning
II. Oxford Circus at noon
III. Greek Street break-in
IV. Harlow homecoming
B1 Liliane
B2 Grey Cup Caper
B3 Portrait Of Cousin Mickey
B4 Moon In Aquarius

Sadik Hakim – piano, electric piano
Al-Khabyyr Sayyd Abdul – alto sax, flute
Billy Robinson – tenor sax
Peter Leitch – guitar
Vic Angelello – bass, electric bass
Keith Mckendry – drums



Circle Records – RK 31279/20
Germany, 1980

A1 Flesh & Blood
A2 For Those Who Loved Him
A3 O.C & Montville
B Trance Suite
– Signs of The Times
– Trance
– Merry Death Dance

Marty Cook – trombone, composer, arranger
Ratso Harris – bass
John Betsch – drums
Monty Waters – alto sax
Seth Brody – tenor sax
Curtis Clark – piano


SEIICHI NAKAMURA QUARTET – ふれんち Dancers (1982)

Eastworld – WTP-90162
Japan, 1982

A1 Lady's Flower
A2 McCoy's Mood
A3 ス―ハ― Sax [Super Sax]
A4 Krin Krin
A5 活動写真 [Motion Picture]
B1 ふれんち Dancers [French Dancers]
B2 Carnival
B3 Anthropology
B4 Cherokee
B5 偽日記 [False Diary]

Seiichi Nakamura – tenor sax, soprano sax
Jun Hakamazuka – piano
Yukio Kimura – drums
Tokunari Kawana – bass

RICHARD DUNBAR – Clear-Eyed Vision (1981)

Jahari – JR101
US, 1981

A1 Ancestral Remembrance
A2 Three Points of the Locus
A3 Moving thru a Monastery/herein contained/graduation proclamation/'tending the fires of infinity/free relations/guardian of the portal
A4 Clear-eyed Vision
B1 She threw the key away
B2 The Story Teller
B3 Hee and Toe
B4 The Locus of Points

Tyrone Brown – vocal
Ken Hutson – bass violin
Ron Rahsaan – drums
Richard Dunbar – horn, piano, bass guitar, guitar
Masujaa Saimu – electric guitar


What seems to be, un film de Richard Dunbar from Luc Riolon on Vimeo.

BJÖRN ALKES KVARTETT – Jazz I Sverige '74 (1974)

Caprice – RIKS LP 72
Sweden, 1974

A1 Klagosång Till Bertil Zachrisson
A2 Blues För Ann-Katrin
A3 Nepal
A4 Elegie
A5 Kitten On The Keys
B1 Intakt
B2 Wienerkorven
B3 Gun
B4 Kommunisten

Björn Alke – bass, violin
Göran Strandberg – piano
Gunnar Bergsten – soprano sax, baritone sax, flute
Fredrik Norén – drums


JOE BOZZI QUINTET – On Stage (1977)

Norman Records – MK77-620
US, 1977

A1 Chameleon
A2 Got To Get You Into My Life
A3 Invitation
A4 Masquerade
B1 Charlie's Angels
B2 I Wish
B3 Love Of My Life
B4 Satin Doll
B5 Chameleon (reprise)

Joe Bozzi – trumpet, flugelhorn, vibraphone, cowbell, guiro, backup vocals
Dee Dee "Wah Wah" Perrino – fender rhodes piano, clavinet, wah wah's
Michael Grimes – percussion, backup vocals
George McKale – electric bass, trumpet, flute, lead vocal, backup vocals
Michelle Cardillo – lead vocals, backup vocals


KVARTETTEN – Kvartetten (1984)

Stunt – STULP 8402
Denmark, 1984

A1 Mujer de Trepkasgade
A2 Confidence
A3 The Sobstory
A4 The Elephant Dance
A5 La Siesta
B1 Bass-up
B2 Quilombo
B3 Choro
B4 Birds
B5 Don't Worry

Lars Graugaard – flute, percussion
Christian Sievert – guitar, percussion, vocal
Hugo Rasmussen – bass
Bjarne Rostvold – drums, percussion


BILLY PETERSON BAND – Threshold of Surrender (1981)

Celebration – CB-5010
US, 1981

A1 Gun Lap
A2 Odin's Oarship
A3 Tracy
B1 California Extremes
B2 Threshold of Surrender
B3 Teresa

Billy Peterson – string bass, bowed bass, piano, drums
Bobby Peterson – piano, electric piano
Bob Rockwell – tenor sax, soprano sax, bass clarinet
Brian Griuna – tenor sax
Greg Lewis – trumpet
Dave Graff – trombone
Steve Wright – flugelhorn
Jim Ten Bensel – trombone, bass trombone
John England – trombone
Dave Karr – flute, alto flute
Paul Lagos – drums
Mike Elliott – guitar
Steve Kimmell – percussion
Bill Berg – percussion
Dabba Albada – percussion


PAUL NASH – A Jazz Composer's Ensemble (1979)

Revelation – REV-32
US, 1979

A1 Marigail-Marigold
A2 Passing Glance
A3 Our Time Is Numbered
B1 Tamalpais Night
B2 The Joy
B3 Full Spiral

Paul Nash – acoustic guitar, guitar, cowbell
Charlie McCarthy – alto sax
Gary Myose – alto sax
Jim Dukey – alto sax
Gregory Yasinitsky – soprano sax
Bobby Ferreira – tenor sax
Noel Jewkes – tenor sax
Mark Greenwald – bass trombone
Nick Tenbroek – bass trombone
Ed Neumeister – trombone
Wayne Wallace – trombone
Mark Isham – trumpet
Anne Yasinitzky – flute
Art Lande – piano
Bob Mocarsky – piano
Dave Dunaway: bass, electric bass
Davis Ramey – electric guitar, guitar
Eddie Marshall – drums
Jim Zimmermann – drums
Rick Quintinal – drums
Kent Middleton – congas

DICK GRIFFIN – A Dream For Rahsaan (1985)

Ruby Records – RRS-771
US, 1985

A1 There Is A Time For Love
A2 Darkness Of Duke
A3 Come In And See
B1 The Love Always Blues
B2 It's About That Time
B3 A Dream For Rahsaan

Dick Griffin – trombone
Gary Bartz – alto sax
Cecil McBee – bass
Stanley Cowell – piano
Billy Hart – drums (A2&B3)
Idris Muhammad – drums (A1,A3,B1&B2)

produced by Dick Griffin & Teruo Nakamura


GERRY EASTMAN – My Real Self (1986)

Williamsburgh Music Center – WMC-3619
U.S., 1986

A1 My Real Self
A2 Joy Dance
B1 Roma'in Around
B2 Chipo's Song

Gerry Eastman – bass, guitar
Joe Ford – also sax, soprano sax
Zane Massy – tenor sax
Robin Eubanks – trombone
Marsha Frazier – piano, flute
Sumi Tonooka – piano
Newman Baker – drums
Nasar Abadey – drums


RICKEY KELLY – My Kind Of Music (1979)

Los Angeles Phonograph Records – LAPR-1006
US, 1979

A1 The Ark
A2 The Masai
A3 Dream Dance
B1 Belize
B2 As You Are
B3 Danakil Warrior

Rickey Kelly – vibraphone, marimba
Charles Owens – tenor sax, soprano sax
Adele Sebastian – flute
Dwight Dickerson – piano
Kevin Johnson – guitar
Tony Dumas – bass
Billy Higgins – drums
Ray Armado – percussion
Diane Reeves – vocals


ELLEN MAY SHASHOYAN – Song For My Father (1989)

New Ark Records – NYEM 001
US, 1989

A1 Song For My Father
B1 Birth of a Flower

Ellen May Shashoyan – vocal, piano, zils
Wally Richardson – guitar
Reggie Workman – bass
Joe Marshall – drums
Bilal Abdurahman – darabuka, tambourine
Harold Minerva – alto sax
Zane Paul – alto sax
Harold Vic – tenor sax
Ricky Ford – tenor sax
Heywood Henry – bass clarinet

Ellen May Shashoyan – vocal, piano
Wally Richardson – guitar
Reggie Workman – bass
Joe Marshall – drums
Harold Minerve – alto sax
Norris Turney – alto sax
Frank Wes – tenor sax
Babe Clark – tenor sax
Zane Paul – bass clarinet

You can find Ellen May Shashoyan listed on the credits for various vocal versions of Song For My Father, but oddly it seems impossible to find a recording of her own prior to this release—30 years after Leon Thomas sang Shashoyan's lyrics for the first time.  Seems she definitely had some respect around the New York scene though, some heavy duty sidemen backing her here. Had this one on repeat for awhile, deep hypnotic & spiritual.


Williamsburgh Music Center Inc. – WMC-3098
US, 1984

A1 Spear It Chew All
A2 Waltz For My Love
A3 I Got It Bad
B1 Life
B2 The Loved Ones

Armen Boyajian – violin
Jason Hwong – violin, viola
Eileen Folson – cello
Gerry Eastman – electric and acoustic bass, guitar
Marsha Frazier – piano
Joe Ford – alto and soprano sax
John Abrams – tenor sax
Reynold Scott – baritone sax, flute
Khaliq Al-Rouf – tenor sax, flute
Longineu Parsons – trumpet
Ambrose Jackson – trumpet
Mack Rucks – trumpet
Mike Guerrier – trombone
John Betsch – drums (A2 only)
Newman Baker – drums
Jessica Cleaves – vocals

Produced by Williamsburgh Music Center, Inc.

Privately released orchestra jazz album from the Williamsburgh Music Center in Brooklyn, headed by Gerry Eastman and Joe Ford who both recorded on Birthright's Breath of Life.  With other personnel including Longineu Parsons on trumpet, Khaliq Al-Rouf of The Ensemble Al-Salaam on sax and flute, and John Betsch on drums, it is no wonder this album is full of forward thinking modal/spiritual jazz, but it is the addition of the string section that makes this one sound remarkably like a lost Tapscott led Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra recording.  This one is not to miss!


SHIGEHARU MUKAI – Spacing Out (1978)

Better Days – YX-7582-ND
Japan, 1978

A1 Dawn ~ Turbulence
A2 Just Smile
B1 Cumulonimbus
B2 Focus Express
B3 Spacing Out

All tracks written by Shigeharu Mukai

Shigeharu Mukai – trombone
Yasuaki Shimizu – tenor sax, soprano sax
Kazumi Watanabe – guitar
Kazuhide Motooka – piano, electric piano
Toshiyuki Daitoku – clavinet
Tamio Kawabata – bass
Ryojiroh Furusawa – drums
Tatsuji Yokoyama – congas


MICHEL ROQUES TRIO – Safari (1969)

Homere – HO 5004
France, 1969

A1 Le coup de l'Etrier
A2 Cuba Libre
A3 Avec Nostalgie
B1 Ricardo
B2 Les loges du T.P.F.
B3 Safari

Michel Roques – tenor sax, soprano sax, flute, quena (Peruvian flute)
Benoit Charvet – bass
Franco Manzecchi – drums  

MICHEL ROQUES – Impact (1975)

Open – OP 04
France, 1975

A1 Impact
A2 Tabarka
B1 Tune For Nicole
B2 I Want To Talk About You

Michel Roques – tenor sax, soprano sax, flute
Siegfried Kessler – acoustic piano, electric piano
Bernard Tessier – double bass
Bruno De Dieuleveult – drums


Not On Label – ST1001
Canada, 1979

A1 Compassion (Stuart)
A2 Awakening (McFeteridge)
B1 In View (McFeteridge)
B2 Determination (Stuart)

Michael Stuart – tenor sax, soprano sax
Keith Blackley – drums
Steve Wallace – bass
George McFeteridge – piano

Private deep, spiritual jazz out of Toronto from 1979.  You may recognize saxophonist Michael Stuart either from Doug Riley's excellent album Dreams released on PM or the Elvin Jones Jazz Machine, whom he would have been on tour with shortly before cutting this recording.  Anyway, his playing here along with the rest of the musicians is exceptional, moving from soulful to fierce to exploratory. A very highly recommended album that seems to have been largely neglected in the dustbins—until now!  Check out the soaring modal track 'Awakening' below


GLEN HALL – The Book Of The Heart (1979)

Sonora – SA-101
U.S., 1979

A1 Orchid Opening Downwards (Hall)
A2 Kitab Al Qalb (The Book of the Heart) (Hall)
A3 El Borrado (Hall)
A4 For Marianne (M. Schoof)
B1 Blue Seven (S. Rollins)
B2 Iris (W. Shorter)

Glen Hall: tenor sax, soprano sax, bass clarinet, percussion
Joanne Brackeen: piano
Billy Hart: drums, wood block
Cecil McBee: bass
Joshua Breakstone: guitar (B4 only)

Taken as a whole, the music of The Book Of The Heart displays seemingly opposing characte-ristics of my musical self.  But this is only an appearance.  For me, form and freedom, melody and abstraction, are parts of a continuum.  To be able to move back and forth between the apparently contradictory qualities in music – to do so creatively, sensitively, freely, deliberately – to be 'master of the option' is my long-term goals as a musician and a composer.
— Glen Hall


SADAO WATANABE – Pastoral (1969)

CBS/Sony – 23AP 1066
Japan, 1969

A1 Pastoral
A2 Bridge
A3 Tokyo Suite: Sunrise/Sunset
B1 Gary, Outro Samba
B2 Someday In Suburbs
B3 Fandango
B4 Closing Theme From "Kin-Kira-Kin"
B5 Ritmo Sabroso

Sadao Watanabe: tenor sax, soprano sax, flute
Yoshiaki Masuo: guitar
Yoshio Suzuki: fender bass, bass, piano
Fumio Watanabe: drums, percussion
Kazuo Yashiro: electric piano
Hiroshi Matsumoto: vibes
Masahiro Tanaka: flugelhorn
Chiyoshige Matsubara: flugelhorn

all composition and arrangement by Sadao Watanabe

"Pastoral" is Watanabe; it is the putting together of everything he has learned in the past 18 years.  His experiences in jazz, the classics and the blending of sounds and rhythms show him off as the complete musician.  Having been on hand for this most unusual recording session, I can personally attest to Watanabe's virtuosity and inventiveness.  The session was long and arduous because Watanabe is a perfectionist.  He would play and listen, play and listen and then play it all over again.  Sadao doesn't like to think of himself as only a jazzist although he has played with some of the best, both in the United States and Brazil.  His good friends Gary McFarland and Chico Hamilton have had some influence on him, but what he does, he does from somewhere deep inside his soul.  All of the compositions in this album are Watanabe's and it should establish him as one of the best young composers in Japan.  Sitting through this album is an experience.  It is one of the finest recordings my ears have heard in a very long time.  Watanabe inspires; he reaches for the heights; he satisfies the most critical jazz buff while never offending the casual listener.  This is a true test of greatness.
— Elson E. Irwin   Billboard Editor, Tokyo

http://www.mediafire.com/download/u4y66ktq6wqksyb/pastoral.zip ]

STAN LEE ENSEMBLE – Tomorrow (1976)

Birthright – BRS-4001
U.S. (Los Angeles), 1976

A1 Tomorrow?
A2 Joy All The Time!
A3 He Touched Me
A4 You Got To Live The Life
B1 Are We Here To Win Or Lose?
B2 He Lifted Me
B3 Don't Let The Cold World Change Ya'
B4 I'll Be Close To Thee

Tony Coleman – piano, bass guitar
Don Webber – organ
Lathan Armor – lead guitar
Alfred Taylor – percussion
George Fuller – percussion
Wayne Archie – drums
Stan Lee – vocal arrangements