MOVIMIENTO – Primer Movimiento (Discos Redondel, 1982)

Movimiento – Primer Movimiento
Discos Redondel - RL-11001
Argentina, 1982

A1 Al pie de la cordillera
A2 Por cuestas del Velazco
A3 Chacarera del Domingo
A4 Cosas del Rio de la Plato
B1 Toda la pampa
B2 Fusiones sin confusiones
B3 Palsaje puneño
B4 Por sendas humahuaqueñas

Oscar Alem
Angel "Cacho" Ritrio
Horacio Corral
Juan Alberto Pugilano
Ricardo Dominguez
Norberto Minichillo

guitarras acústicas, guitarras eléctricas, guitarras españolas, charangos, piano acústico, piano Yamaha CP30, Piano Rhodes, sintetizador Roland, sintetizador Arp Oddissey, sintetizador Arp Omni-2, marimba, vibrafón, voces, sikus, bajo acústico, bajo eléctrico, treebell, batería, tumbadora, rototones - timbaleta, chaschas - casacabeles, bombo legüero!C4gkHQJD!OAAwcQWEOKzUiompIB6hywYyfl4OgwhfebR0YdiMorc

STEVEN WILLIAMS – The Deadline (Deadline Music, 1985) [GUEST POST: Havana Tape Club]

Steven Williams - The Deadline
Deadline Music
US, 1985
private press

A1 A Little Business
A2 The Deadline
A3 Our Last Time 'Round
A4 Long Parade
A5 The Second Chace
A6 I Got Some News
B1 Back In "B" Town
B2 Screamin' At Me
B3 Your Downfall
B4 Realize It's Me
B5 Ain't Holdin' Back
B6 This Time Is For Real

all songs written by Steven Williams
Terri Williams - vocals
Joe Truttmann - vocals
David Potts - DMX
Bill Engel - guitar
Doug Flory - drums

thanks to Havana Tape Club (St. Louis, MO) for the music rip and images!vp4wSQzT!8eEs0L1HBi0y-8jLhB0glFA1bIkBUcEPqYsIlVWGJA8

O'MAR – You've Got The Makings (Chrome, 198?)

O'mar – You've Got The Makings
Chrome Records – CR-61214
US, 1980s
private press

A1 You've Got The Makings
B1 Let's Be Lovers

Produced and Written By Don O'mar Boddie

Durius Montgomery
Jimmy Hinds
Oliver Sain
Philip Westmoreland
John Selders
David Foote
St. Louis Horns
Paula Smith

art by Helen Gamel / photos by Elcardo
Chrome - The Sound of St. Louis!C45hFLyT!RFICi8pfqbu8-DAt6gM_N8_fLsRvSRXO1S72MMnBeFE

MIKE ZIKOVICH – Makin' Waves (Golden Eagle Records, 1978)

Mike Zikovich – Makin' Waves
Golden Eagle Records - R 1014
US, 1978
private press

A1 Makin' Waves
A2 To See You Again
A3 Pied Piper
A4 Got To Be In You
B1 You Are So Beautiful/Everytime You Touch Me
B2 Rock Island Rocket
B3 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
B4 Big Band Medley
B5 This Girl I Knew

Mike Zikovich – Hammond B-3, Hohner Clavinet, Fender Rhodes, Mini-Moog, Arp Omni, Arp Axxe, Art Pro Soloist, Arp String Ensemble, acoustic piano
Jim McCury – drums, congas, timbales, bell tree, triangle, cow bell!6thywADS!v-6cOqg_BL5JJxSCaK3rLEDpBDMKZv781JOYpYHECPM 

ROBERT AARON - Datura (Artichoke, 1980s)

Robert Aaron - Datura
Artichoke Records - Artichoke 201
US, 1980s
private press

A1 Crystal and Infrared
A2 Network in Shade
B1 Agent Grapefruit
B2 Jungle

ROBERT AARON/MICHAEL CURRAN/KEITH NICOLAY - The Last Ten Minutes (Artichoke Records, 1985)

Robert Aaron - Michael Curran - Keith Nicolay – The Last Ten Minutes
Artichoke Records – 202
US, 1985
private press

I Interruption
II Grand Finale
III Conclusion

Robert Aaron - siel synthesizer, tack piano
Michael Curran - piano, fender-rhodes, kalimba
Keith Nicolay - acoustic guitar, flute, piano

"The Last Ten Minutes may (1) refer to the fly with its head trapped in the vortex, pictured on the front cover, (2) depict an apocalypse in which case 'Grand Finale' (side 1, band 2) should be retitled 'Disquiet at the Council of Trenton', or (3) represent the last ten minutes (in the mundane sense) of anybody the listener knows, described either (a) inappropriately or (b) with an obscuring plethora of detail.
The synthesizer mediates among sounds which parallel, without imitating, those of the guitar and sometimes multiphonic flute, sounds of purely electro-mechanical nature, and keyboard-related sonorities.
In 'Grand Finale', the three keyboards sometimes behave as one multi-stopped instrument, sometimes quarrell.
In 'Conclusion', the keys of the processed Kalimba (African thumb-piano) are most-often snapped upside-down.
In all three pieces, discourses are frequently polyrhythmic and often disruptive.  All ratios are intentional, no matter how irrationally described mathematically.  The harmonies, while quite chromatic, combine in the spirit of harmolodic improvisation.  From time to time, they allude to modes, while avoiding their syntax.
Both group improvisations on side one were accomplished in a single sitting, while side two discreetly adds overtracks as it progresses." – Robert Aaron!3pxwWYpQ!mZEV6V4rblizI5rxlbzGgxL6fBXjwfumhTKQEPmBkNw 

CARLOS BELTRÁN - Jericó (not on label, 1987)

Carlos Beltrán - Jericó
not on label - MA 671
Mexico, 1987
private press

A1 Edades Obscuras
A2 El ciego de Jericó
B1 Cuentos y relatos del País de las nieves
B2 1519!vgwhHYJT!3_yc5XLPT0s5WAXh4ZgcktHJg8ymOGoU5-_BA-uf25Q 

ARIK RUDICH - Mantra (not on label, 1987)

Arik Rudich - Mantra
not on label - LP77
Israel, 1987
private press

A1 Code of Silence
A2 Final Farewell
A3 Nightmare
A4 Longing
A5 Contaminated
B1 Innocence
B2 Mantra
B3 100 Gates
B4 Last Part

Arik Rudich - piano, e. piano, cp-80, linn drum, dx-7, tx-7, fairlight ii, fairlight iii, obx-8 oberheim, matrix 12, mini moog, p.p.g-2,3, yamaha cs70m, synclavier ii, prophet 5, percussion, atari st. programming, tape!OsB0TR7Z!SegPI3Ed-u5KiAXmOuYImBDZlQcNWR6XqBEdH8QXWPk 

PRINCE BILLY MAHDI WRIGHT - You Got Dat Wright (Raenii, 1982)

Prince Billy Mahdi Wright - You Got Dat Wright
Raenii - RA-037
US, 1982
private press

A1 Tune Weaver
A2 You Got Dat Wright
A3 Excuse Me
B1 Summer Love (or Verano De Amor)
B2 79th Street Blues (or Concert In Woo)
B3 Love Dream (Or Reve D'Amour)

Billy Mahdi - tenor sax, soprano sax, flute, bells, kalimba
Corky McClerkin - piano
Eldee Young - bass
Ruben D'Andrea - drums
Newson Otis - trumpet
Dave Baldwin - sax
Bruce Thompson - synthesizer
Eve Garnett, Brenda Sims, Ozana Chavis - vocals!PoAGVbTK!FTYtTq6jhZ8f3Glfpa9kmqjYGa0MLHcEbkHVMvmKgrs 

JOËL + ZÉKLE - Cé Ou Minm' ! (Zekle Music, 198?)

Joël + Zéklè - Cé Ou Minm' !
Zekle Music - ZR 701
Haiti, 1980s
private press

A1 Moin Rinmin Ou
A2 Repon'moin
A3 Chin'
B1 Cé Ou Minm'
B2 Misik Sa
B3 Zel

Joël Widmaier - lead vocal, batterie, percussion, syndrom, tympani, guitare acoustique
Mushy Widmaier - piano acc. yamaha, fender rhodes, korg, mellotron, synthetiseurs, yamaha cs 15, cs15 d
Joe (T.T.) Charles - basse électrique
Claude Marcelin - guitares électriques (solo & accompagnement)
Raoul Denis, Jr. - korg, mellotron, orgue yamaha elea
Artistes Invités - Jacqueline Denis, vocal dans Misik SA / Gary Shore, sax solo dans Zel & Misik SA

Musiciens additionnels:
Arius Joseph - tambour
Ti George - gong
Ralph Boncy - Guitare accoustique dans Misik SA
Patrick Déjean - Whistling dans Moin Rinmin Ou
Gary Shore - alto & tenor sax
Jacques Fatier - trompette
Andrew Washington - trombone
Jacqueline Denis
Joël & Mushy Widmaier
Philippe Simpson & Ben Leon

 LOOPRAT sample:!rwxRzSaZ!0lqy0KByaLntNX0vWzV7jhJTNrXc2RyuYoIW1heXvEc