AKIRA TOYODA - Benkei (Sound Design, 1984)

Akira Toyoda - Benkei
Sound Design Records Inc - 1342-25
Japan, 1984

A1 Benkei
A2 Walk This Way
A3 Irie
B1 Tommy's Den
B2 Some Other Blues
B3 Double Duty

Akira Toyoda - drums
Joe Lovano - tenor sax, soprano sax
Peter Madsen - piano
Dean Johnson - bass


The name that might immediately be recognized by many contemporary jazz fans from the lineup on this Japanese only 1984 release by drummer Akira Toyoda for the indie label Sound Design is Joe Lovano, which is quite odd being that it's not listed anywhere on Lovano's discography.  In fact, there seems to be virtually no information available at all regarding this lp, except for a mention on bassist Dean Johnson's discography page, marking his very first session as a sideman and, from what I can tell, pianist Peter Madsen's as well.  That this was the start of two fine jazz players career, a document of Lovano's fantastic early work, and perhaps Toyoda's only album (as a leader, or even as sideman?) makes it even more unfortunate there is no information on this session.

Nevertheless, the playing throughout is incredible, showing the energy and creativity of these young players.  Toyoda and Madsen split composition duties, Toyoda contributing 'Benkei' and 'Tommy's Den' and Madsen the rest, with the addition of Coltrane's 'Some Other Blues'.  The playing here serves to document the vibrant jazz scene in Japan that lasted up through the mid-80s that drew American players to visit the land of the rising sun, on other labels such as Why Not, Trio and Baystate.  Moreover, this lp is a fine example of the many phenomenal albums recorded during this period that have yet to be unearthed.  Although Toyoda seems to remain in relative obscurity, he's still active in the jazz scene today, so next time you're in Kyoto look up to see him at the Blue Note, or in Osaka at the Royal Horse.  


SAM SANDERS & VISIONS - The Gift Of Love (That African Lady, 1983)

Sam Sanders & Visions - The Gift of Love
That African Lady - TAL-935
US, 1983
private press

A1 Gift of Love
A2 Slightly Anxious
A3 Day After Yesterday
A4 Un-Stable
B1 Free Fall
B2 Mickey's Tune
B3 Fantasy

Sam Sanders - tenor sax
Michael Zaporski - piano
Ed Pickens - bass
Jon Knust - drums
Kenny Cox - piano

You may recognize Sam Sanders from the 2013 release by 180 Proof Records of a previously unreleased Strata Records date 'Mirror, Mirror' (http://fleamarketfunk.com/2013/08/05/sam-sanders-mirror-mirror/). For most though, this Detroit soul jazz veteran will likely be unknown, and unfortunately so because not only was Sanders a great saxophonist with his own warm and lyrical post bop sound, he was an important fixture of historical significance in the Detroit jazz scene with important Motown and Strata connections.  Jazznation explains, "Sam Sanders and Visions - for many years with bassist Ed Pickens and drummer Jimmy Allen, was known for extremely aggressive post bebop jazz bordering on the Avant garde.  Sanders mainly played the tenor and soprano saxophones, however he would often close his concerts with a signature slow blues on the alto saxophone, revealing his deeply ingrained 'roots' and distinctly Detroit sound" (http://www.jazznation.com/CBP/SamSanders1.html).

In a 1976 article for the Ann Arbor Sun, David Weiss describes, "Sam Sanders is one of Detroit's most precious natural resources... His artful saxophone work has graced the ensembles of Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Smokey Robinson and countless Motown dates'" (http://freeingjohnsinclair.aadl.org/node/201718).  Moreover, Jazznation notes, "Prior to forming Visions, Sanders and trumpeter Marcus Belgrave fronted a band with pianist Harold McKinney called the Creative Profile.  Belgrave and Sanders would continue to perform together, often with Sanders' big band, the Pioneer Orchestra"(http://www.jazznation.com/CBP/SamSanders1.html). Sanders also served as an instructor at both Oakland University and the Detroit Metro Arts complex as well as helping create the Detroit Jazz Center. 

Although most of the sessions with Sanders from the 60s or 70s are either nowhere to be found or still unreleased, 'The Gift of Love' - perhaps the only release of Sanders as a leader during his lifetime and privately pressed by what I presume to be his own label That African Lady - offers a document of this Detroit great's music with his band Visions.  Fellow Strata musician Kenny Cox, who has also gotten a recent release from 180 Proof records, even sits in on keys on a few tracks.  Unfortunately Sanders passed away in 2000, but hopefully the small amount of recordings we do have of him do justice to his musicianship, Visions and the Detroit jazz scene.  Here is a rare video from 1990 of Sanders playing the last song 'Fantasy' from this session live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CygX2RRUUI.


PAUL GUERRERO - Concert Jazz (WGM, mid-70s)

Paul Guerrero - Concert Jazz
US, mid-70s
private press

A1 Trapped
A2 Roll Call
A3 Edda
A4 In A Whirl
B1 Keyed Up
B2 I Thought About You
B3 What A Difference A Day Made
B4 As Long As I Live
B5 Logictude

Paul Guerrero - drums
Debra Smith - vocals
Phil DeGreg - piano
John Adams - bass
Chip McNeill - tenor sax
Paul Mazzio - trumpet


GREG ADAMS – Koolin Out (Hip City, 1983)

 Greg Adams – Koolin Out
Hip City Records – HCR 101
private press

A1 Little Bee's Poem
A2 Moments Notice
B1 Mr. P.C.
B2 Armageddon
B3 Recordame

Greg Adams - drums
Dadisi Komolafe - alto sax, flute
Rickey Kelly - vibes
Jon Williams The Mad Capp - cornet
Bobby West - piano
Al Threats - bass
Kaeef Ruzaden - piano (A2, B3)

life's ups & downs
smiles & frowns
koolin out is what
it's all about 
– greg adams

PIERRE LEDUC ET SON QUATUOR – S/T (Radio Canada International, 1967)

Pierre Leduc Et Son Quatuor - Pierre Leduc Et Son Quatuor
Radio Canada International – 267
Canada, 1967

A1 Synchronisation
A2 Modulation
A3 Tonus
B1 Soya
B2 Emo
B3 Poussiere D'Etoile

Pierre Leduc – piano
Brian Barley – tenor sax, clarinet
Roland Haynes – bass
Blaine Wikjord – drums



Kartlon Hester and the Contemporary Jazz Art Movement – Hesterian Musicism

Hesteria – Hesteria 00002
US, 1982
private press

A1 El Paso Sunrise
A2 Y La Estacîon De Lluvias Comienza
A3 The Pee Cal Flute Experiment – flute quintet
B1 Visitor From The Outside
B2 For The Affect Of It – flute trio
B3 Felicitous Circus (Postlude to "Pan African Ballet Music")

Contemporary Jazz Art Movement
Kartlon Hester – flute
Bette Hered – oboe, English horn
Sonja Williams – oboe
Patricia Weise – violin
Dwaine Spurlin – trumpet, flugelhorn
Will Ozier – guitar
Terry Elliott – piano
Charles Thomas – electric bass
James Lewis – acoustic bass
Kamau Seitu – drums
Pamela Jackson – vocals

Flute Quintet
Karlton Hester – flute
Coral Adee – piccalo
Bette Hered – oboe
Maurette Beansnap – alto flute
Susan Smith – bass flute

Flute Trio
Karlton Hester – flute
Carol Adee – flute
James Lewis – bass

Felicitous Circus

From a dream I slowly rise
to a realm in a place with gold and azure skies.
I feel the universe is all mine
and wonderous days of youth shall always guide me kindly high.

I see my inner self as a balanced whole.
I'm free to trust with my new perennial soul, new perennial soul.
While I'm centered here I will dance and sing;
with subtle energy I now sense everything.

Beautiful thoughts of love are in my mind,
all at tune to a sound with shapes of every kind.
Then as the light we see beams far beyond the cloud
the tones sound very clear, but not from being loud.

We blend into an orchestra of celestial sound.
We join this orchestra in a never ending round, never ending round…
and suddenly there's the harmony
that all my life I've sought so deep inside of me.

It's here we all can be so kind;
I know this peaceful place knows the rhyme and time.
There's room for everything and everyone
to learn what magic is so soon they all will come.


FRED TOMPKINS - Cécile (F.K.T., 1979)

Fred Tompkins - Cécile
F.K.T. - 103
US, 1979
private press

A1 Cecile
Susan Deaver - flute
Lawrence Feldman - soprano & tenor sax
Norman Carey - piano
Frank Tusa - bass
Rick Cutler - drums 

A2 Preludes & Four Lines
Lee Volckhausen - flute
Pamela Epple - oboe
Noah Young - bass
Billy Mintz - drums

B1 Trio for Dr. Taussig
Fred Tompkins - flute
Odile Tompkins - alto recorder
Norman Carey – piano

B2 Waltz Variations
Bryant Hayes - Bb clarinet
Norman Carey - piano
Michael Moore - bass
Billy Mintz - drums


DON THOMPSON / SONNY GREENWICH – Love Song For A Virgo Lady / The Old Man And The Child (Sackville, 1970)

Don Thompson – Love Song For A Virgo Lady / Sonny Greenwich – The Old Man And The Child
Sackville Recordings (Radio Canada International)  – C2002 (CBC 303 MS8815) /  Sackville Recordings – C2003
Canada, 1970

Love Song For A Virgo Lady
A1 Emily
A2 Mumba
A3 As Long A I'm Dreaming
B1 Love Song For A Virgo Lady
B2 Loving

Don Thompson – piano
Sonny Greenwich – guitar
Ron Park – tenor sax
Michel Donato – bass
Jerry Fuller – drums

The Old Man And The Child
A1 Haunted Heart
A2 When The World Was Young
A3 Stranger In The City
B1 The Old Man And The Child

Sonny Greenwich – guitar
Don Thompson – piano
Michel Donato – bass
Clinton Houston – bass
Clayton Johnston – drums


JOHN HICKS – After the Morning (West 54, 1979)

John Hicks – After the Morning
West 54 – WLW 8004
US, 1979

A1 After the Morning
A2 Serenata
A3 Dierdre de Samba
A4 Some Other Spring
A5 The Duke
B1 Impact
B2 Until the Morning
B3 Night Journey

John Hicks – piano
Walter Booker Jr. – bass
Clifford Barbaro – drums (B1)


ALBERT DAILEY – Renaissance (Catalyst, 1978)

Albert Dailey – Renaissance
Catalyst Records – CAT-7627
US, 1977

A1 Black Raspberry
A2 The Dues We Have To Pay
A3 I Love You
B1 Mimosa
B2 Mr. Pogo
B3 Gee Monetti
B4 Autumn Rain

Albert Dailey – piano
Carter Jefferson – tenor sax, soprano sax
Cheryl Alexander – vocals
Cecil McBee – bass
Adam Nussbaum – drums (A2, B2)
Charles Persip – drums


LA COCINA – Musica Para Bailar (Alebrije, 1988)

La Cocina – Musica Para Bailar
Discos Alebrije – n/a
Mexico, 1988
private press

A1 Minimo Menaje Carla Bebopera
A2 Blues de la Region del Polvo y la del Moho
B1 Estos no son modos
B2 Para mi que ya oiste a Pharoah Sanders

Alain Derbez – saxofón soprano y piano
Arturo Escalante – percusiones
Evodio Escalante – saxofón soprano y piano
Ariel Guzik – saxofón tenor
Jazzamoart – bateria

'Esta es la grabación de lo que sucedió en concierto alguna vez en la Casa del Laga de la UNAM (Chapultepec, Mexico, D.F.) en el 88.  Un concierto que no pretendió ser disco y lo es.  Esta, aqui, es una más de las opciones de la improvisación, como todo lo que hace (y ha hecho por casi diez años) la Cocina, Tertulias, Contubernios y Festines.'


THE CHARLES MOFFETT FAMILY – Vol. 1 (Charles Moffett Recording, 1975)

The Charles Moffett Family – Vol. 1
Charles Moffett Recording/codaryl publications – LRS-RT-6142
US, 1975
private press

A1 Gypsy Lady
A2 Wishbone Suite
B1 Peace On My Mind
B2 Jubilee!

Charles Moffett – percussion and trumpet
Patrick McCarthy – string bass
Codaryl Moffett – percussion
Charles Moffett, Jr. – alto and tenor sax
Charnett Moffett – string bass and trumpet
Mondre Moffett – trumpet, flugelhorn, baritone

Your music
     swallows me
     inside myself,
A flood of feelings
     washes over
   and I ache…
feeling small,
Because you give me
   so much,
And I have nothing
  I can give you
       in return
  except my tears
    so I cry
                … Judy Rosenberg


BILLY ROBINSON – Evolution's Blend (Radio Canada International, 1972)

Billy Robinson – Evolution's Blend
Radio Canada International – RCI 375
Canada, 1972

A1 The Family
A2 It's Raining Ashes
A3 Homing
B1 Pivot
B2 Quebec On My Mind
B3 Evolution's Blend

Billy Robinson – tenor sax
Pierre Leduc – piano
Peter Leitch – guitar
Erroll Walters – bass
Jim Norman – drums


SEXTETO DO BECO – s/t (Fundação Cultural Do Estado Da Bahia, 1980)

Sexteto do Beco – Sexteto do Beco
Fundação Cultural Do Estado Da Bahia – CB-001 / 5.26..404.024
Brazil, 1980
private press

A1 Flutuando
A2 Siamass
A3 Kiua
A4 Suíte 312: swing em 4, swing em 5
B1 Águas Cristalinas
B2 Cromosamba
B3 Um segundo
B4 Cantilena

Aderbal Duarte – guitar
Thomas Gruetz – guitar
Antônio Sarquiz – acoustic bass
Guilherme Maia – electric bass
Zeca Freitas – electric piano
Guillermo Migoya – drums
Francisco Cabral – percussion
Andrea Daltro – soprano vocals
Sérgio Souto – flute
Oscar Dourado – flute
Paulo Andrade – flute
Samuel Motta – flute
Paulo Bento – flute
Marco Esteves – soprano sax
Tuzé de Abreu – alto sax
Valéu Cerqueira – tenor sax
Juraci Pereira – trumpet
Gerson Barbosa – trombone

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