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NORMAN EVANS – Among The Stars (Dis Who? Productions, late 1980s?)

Norman Evans – Among The Stars
Dis Who? Productions – WDM-1001
US, late 1980s?
private press
promo only

A1 Among The Stars
A2 2 Steo
A3 Captivated
A4 Summer Heat
A5 Studio B-9
A6 The Dreamer
B1 Time Travel
B2 Change of Seasons
B3 Little Nakeata
B4 Going To Town
B5 Journey's End
B6 As I Go


For anyone into obscure smooth jazz, 80s jazz-funk with digital synth tones and commercial drum machine rhythms, or unintentional video game music, 'Among The Stars' by Norman Evans is a collector's grail.  Seemingly only released as a promotional only, generic die cut cover release to a select few radio stations, there seems to be no other trace of this album's existence, even a mention anywhere from Evans himself, who actually has had a prolific output over the past few decades – all self released or posted online himself.

Do yourself a favor and check out our favorite unknown youtube channel, full of Mr. Evans' Microsoft slideshow music videos to accompany those smooth midi jams...


JUNTA – Junta (Day One Records, 1984)

Junta – Junta
Day One Records – 01
US, 1984
private press

A1 Zaïre
A2 Another Horse Story
B1 Waldo
B2 Roman Blood
B3 Tar And Soil (Live)

IDRISSA DIOP – Rebelle (Musidisc, 1990)

Idrissa Diop – Rebelle
Musidisc – 500141
France, 1990

A1 Genafé
A2 Beuré
A3 M'bidane
A4 L'oiseau
B1 Xadim
B2 Seeyes
B3 Tchep
B4 Nith Ki

GINSBERG – Sophista-Funk & Jazzy Dreams (Sophista-Funk Records, 1985)

Ginsberg – Sophista-Funk & Jazzy Dreams
Sophista-Funk Records – SF 2001
US, 1985
private press

A1 Cat Walkin
A2 Resonance
A3 Can't Find Home
A4 November Thing
B1 Heartworm
B2 The Way He Looks At Me
B3 Garden Of Your Soul
B4 Better Late Then Never
B5 Hold The Hand Of Your Dreams

V/A – Rock De Autor (Manifesto, 1991)

V/A – Rock De Autor
Manifesto – ILP01
Brazil, 1991
private press

A1 P Antunes – We Bop
A2 Aguilar – As Gangs
A3 Paulo Miklos – Esse É O Lugar!
A4 Minho K – Drunk Rock
A5 Cid Campos – O Verme E A Estrela
A6 Akira S + Charlie C – Tokei
B1 Miranda + Neneco + Jimi Joe + Ricardo Salvagni + Maria Andrade – Xote Inglês
B2 R.H. Jackson – O Gato De Schrödinger
B3 Dequinha + Zaba – Preposições
B4 Arnaldo Antunes – E Só
B5 Maria Andrade – O Gato Vermelho
B6 Miguel Barella/Giuseppe Lenti – Borgo San Frediano
B7 Nasi – Arábia Maldita (1h E 12 Min.)

YVONNE CHAKA CHAKA – Who's The Boss? (Mercury, 1989)

Yvonne Chaka Chaka – Who's the Boss?
Mercury – RBL 152
Nigeria, 1989

A1 I'm Not Your Slave
A2 Why Can't We Live Together
A3 Usizwe
B1 We Will Survive
B2 Turn Up Your Radio
B3 To The Man I Love

SHAMEK FARRAH & NORMAN PERSON – Live! (Expressions of a Heritage, 1991)

Shamek Farrah & Norman Person – Live!
Expressions of a Heritage – EH184
US, 1991
private press

A1 Aisha
A2 Footprints
A3 Timeless Beginnings
B1 Negative Forces
B2 I Remember Clifford

Shamek Farrah & Norman Person - Live! 

THOM MASON – Be Do Have (Affinity Records, 1980)

Thom Mason – Be Do Have
Affinity Records – CL-10201
US, 1980
private press

A1 Awakening
A2 Odyssey
A3 Touch Me Like You Do
B1 Be - Do - Have
B2 Shadows
B3 It Must Be Some Other Blues

Thom Mason – tenor sax, soprano sax, flute
Dave Zoller – keyboards
Howard Alden – guitar
Paul Farnen – bass
Alex Camp – bass
Lou Fischer – bass
Mike Jochum – drums
Banks Dimon – drums
Steve Houghton – drums

JON K – Asaboni (Nakasi, 1989)

Jon K – Asaboni
Nakasi Records – NAK 009
UK, 1989
private press

A1 Asafo
A2 Asaboni
A3 Moko Nshi Omo
B1 Ainura Ahoofe
B2 Waiting
B3 Sika
B4 Odo Ye Wu

Jon K – vocals, bass guitar, drum programming, keyboards
Dave Yowell – bass, drum programming
Zimi – guitar
Nii Odartey – percussion
Jason Yarde – saxophone
Colin Graham – trumpet
Pauline Oduro – vocals
Alf Bannerman – guitar (A2)

LABRYS – Sisterlove (Labrys Records, 1987)

Labrys – Sisterlove
Labrys Records – LAB135
US, 1987
private press

A1 Got To Stand Up
A2 Waiting For Your Love
A3 Try It
A4 Special Place
A5 Standing On The Edge Of Love
B1 Sisterlove
B2 One Sunday Afternoon
B3 What You Did Was Wrong
B4 Freedom

Elena Jordan – vocals, guitar, trumpet, programming
Patricia Lyons – bass

SUSAN COGAN – One (Scone, 1981)

Susan Cogan – One
Scone Records – WRC1-2797
Canada, 1981
private press

A1 The Moon At Sunset Bay
A2 In Favour Of The Sensitive Man
A3 Beauty Is
A4 Dancing With Her
A5 Part-Time Angel
B1 Space-Age Primitives
B2 Your Lovin' Eyes
B3 Peacock Eyes
B4 Jeremaya's Song

Susan Cogan – vocals, guitar
Neil Chapman – guitar
Michael Lucas – trumpet
Don Englert – sax
Clive Parks – synth, piano (B1, B3)
David McMorrow – electric piano
Danny Greenspoon – guitar
Claude Desjardins – drums
David Woodhead – bass
Matt Zimbal – congas (A1, A4)
Jack Grunsky – guitar (A2)
Henry Heilig – bass (A1, A4)
Lorne Nehring – drums (A1, A4)
Chad Irschick – guitar (B2)
Doug Boews – guitar (A1)
Bevery Glenn Copeland – vocals (B1)

BOB SIEBERT – Six Lyric Pieces (Aerial, 1983)

Bob Siebert – Six Lyric Pieces
US, 1983
private press

A1 Old Tunes Number Two
A2 Rain
A3 Cat's Feet
B1 Forest Song
B2 Black Lace
B3 Inside The Music Box

Bob Siebert – electric piano, kalimba
Dave Larson – drums
Chuck Sastre – acoustic bass!f4YyRLRB!GDUKwJnswKB4tFcy-WbSUu21h-9pjnZnEnJS0bfSRzc