SEIICHI NAKAMURA QUARTET – ふれんち Dancers (1982)

Eastworld – WTP-90162
Japan, 1982

A1 Lady's Flower
A2 McCoy's Mood
A3 ス―ハ― Sax [Super Sax]
A4 Krin Krin
A5 活動写真 [Motion Picture]
B1 ふれんち Dancers [French Dancers]
B2 Carnival
B3 Anthropology
B4 Cherokee
B5 偽日記 [False Diary]

Seiichi Nakamura – tenor sax, soprano sax
Jun Hakamazuka – piano
Yukio Kimura – drums
Tokunari Kawana – bass


  1. Thanks for yet another great post. Love ' lady's flower'. I am pretty sure that you would enjoy the 'modal madness' group on Facebook.

    1. thanks for the tip, will check it out. cheers

  2. thanks a lot for this rare gem!
    please, correct your mistake:
    Yukio Kimura is percussionis and drummer, not bassist
    Tokunari Kawana doesn't play drums, but bass

    correction in track numbers :
    A3 ス―ハ― Sax [Super Sax]
    B1 ふれんち Dancers [French Dancers] (and this is the name for the whole album)
    B5 偽日記 [False Diary]

    i cannot read the title of track 5 in this low resolution scans.
    won't you, please, upload the better scan of LP rear or side A vinyl side? just a fragment with 4 Japanese characters only.

    thanks in advance.

  3. thanks for your help, much appreciated. i've updated the listing, and uploaded another back cover scan. hopefully it helps. cheers

  4. now we know them all.
    A5 活動写真 [Motion Picture]
    Japanese wiki for 活動写真 (read as かつどうしゃしん or being romanized katsudō shashin) gives the meaning 'motion picture'.
    the same does show my mammoth bi-volume Japanese-Russian Dictionary (even marking the word as archaic).
    the recognition is in progress
    the Japanese wiki article header