LABRYS – Turn Around (Labrys Records, 1985)

Labrys – Turn Around
Labrys Records – LAB126
US, 1985
private press

A1 Fire
A2 Let Me Be Crazy
A3 Get Away
A4 Bionic
B1 Turn Around
B2 Hang Over
B3 Don't Stop
B4 This Is My Life
B5 Labrys

All Songs Written and Arranged by Elena Jordan

Elena Jordan – vocals, guitar, trumpet, TR-909 drum programming, JX-3P synthesizer, JX-8P synthesizer, programming, harmonica, percussion, Fender Rhodes
Patricia Lyons – bass, background vocals

Produced by Elena Jordan & Patricia Lyons!CthDRLYC!TRGRjpXGCYlyP0c6utk7OMubB2ps64GFVUS0qpqznlU

JOÃO DE BRUÇÓ/R.H. JACKSON – Caracol (Fonopress, 1989)

João de Bruçó/R.H. Jackson – Caracol
Fonopress Indústria Fonográfica Ltda. – CLP-001
Brazil, 1989
private press

A1 Instante de Gelo
A2 Dona Roxa
A3 Das Matas
A4 Påntano
B1 Here We Go Again
B2 Cabarecht
B3 Terra Batida
B4 Caracol

João de Bruçó – percussão, voz, sanfona
R.H. Jackson – programação eletrônica, guitarra, voz (em Here We Go Again)


STEVEN WILLIAMS – The Deadline (Deadline Music, 1985) [GUEST POST: Havana Tape Club]

Steven Williams - The Deadline
Deadline Music
US, 1985
private press

A1 A Little Business
A2 The Deadline
A3 Our Last Time 'Round
A4 Long Parade
A5 The Second Chace
A6 I Got Some News
B1 Back In "B" Town
B2 Screamin' At Me
B3 Your Downfall
B4 Realize It's Me
B5 Ain't Holdin' Back
B6 This Time Is For Real

all songs written by Steven Williams
Terri Williams - vocals
Joe Truttmann - vocals
David Potts - DMX
Bill Engel - guitar
Doug Flory - drums

thanks to Havana Tape Club (St. Louis, MO) for the music rip and images!vp4wSQzT!8eEs0L1HBi0y-8jLhB0glFA1bIkBUcEPqYsIlVWGJA8

ROBERT AARON - Datura (Artichoke, 1980s)

Robert Aaron - Datura
Artichoke Records - Artichoke 201
US, 1980s
private press

A1 Crystal and Infrared
A2 Network in Shade
B1 Agent Grapefruit
B2 Jungle

ROBERT AARON/MICHAEL CURRAN/KEITH NICOLAY - The Last Ten Minutes (Artichoke Records, 1985)

Robert Aaron - Michael Curran - Keith Nicolay – The Last Ten Minutes
Artichoke Records – 202
US, 1985
private press

I Interruption
II Grand Finale
III Conclusion

Robert Aaron - siel synthesizer, tack piano
Michael Curran - piano, fender-rhodes, kalimba
Keith Nicolay - acoustic guitar, flute, piano

"The Last Ten Minutes may (1) refer to the fly with its head trapped in the vortex, pictured on the front cover, (2) depict an apocalypse in which case 'Grand Finale' (side 1, band 2) should be retitled 'Disquiet at the Council of Trenton', or (3) represent the last ten minutes (in the mundane sense) of anybody the listener knows, described either (a) inappropriately or (b) with an obscuring plethora of detail.
The synthesizer mediates among sounds which parallel, without imitating, those of the guitar and sometimes multiphonic flute, sounds of purely electro-mechanical nature, and keyboard-related sonorities.
In 'Grand Finale', the three keyboards sometimes behave as one multi-stopped instrument, sometimes quarrell.
In 'Conclusion', the keys of the processed Kalimba (African thumb-piano) are most-often snapped upside-down.
In all three pieces, discourses are frequently polyrhythmic and often disruptive.  All ratios are intentional, no matter how irrationally described mathematically.  The harmonies, while quite chromatic, combine in the spirit of harmolodic improvisation.  From time to time, they allude to modes, while avoiding their syntax.
Both group improvisations on side one were accomplished in a single sitting, while side two discreetly adds overtracks as it progresses." – Robert Aaron!3pxwWYpQ!mZEV6V4rblizI5rxlbzGgxL6fBXjwfumhTKQEPmBkNw 

CARLOS BELTRÁN - Jericó (not on label, 1987)

Carlos Beltrán - Jericó
not on label - MA 671
Mexico, 1987
private press

A1 Edades Obscuras
A2 El ciego de Jericó
B1 Cuentos y relatos del País de las nieves
B2 1519!vgwhHYJT!3_yc5XLPT0s5WAXh4ZgcktHJg8ymOGoU5-_BA-uf25Q 

ARIK RUDICH - Mantra (not on label, 1987)

Arik Rudich - Mantra
not on label - LP77
Israel, 1987
private press

A1 Code of Silence
A2 Final Farewell
A3 Nightmare
A4 Longing
A5 Contaminated
B1 Innocence
B2 Mantra
B3 100 Gates
B4 Last Part

Arik Rudich - piano, e. piano, cp-80, linn drum, dx-7, tx-7, fairlight ii, fairlight iii, obx-8 oberheim, matrix 12, mini moog, p.p.g-2,3, yamaha cs70m, synclavier ii, prophet 5, percussion, atari st. programming, tape!OsB0TR7Z!SegPI3Ed-u5KiAXmOuYImBDZlQcNWR6XqBEdH8QXWPk 

PRINCE BILLY MAHDI WRIGHT - You Got Dat Wright (Raenii, 1982)

Prince Billy Mahdi Wright - You Got Dat Wright
Raenii - RA-037
US, 1982
private press

A1 Tune Weaver
A2 You Got Dat Wright
A3 Excuse Me
B1 Summer Love (or Verano De Amor)
B2 79th Street Blues (or Concert In Woo)
B3 Love Dream (Or Reve D'Amour)

Billy Mahdi - tenor sax, soprano sax, flute, bells, kalimba
Corky McClerkin - piano
Eldee Young - bass
Ruben D'Andrea - drums
Newson Otis - trumpet
Dave Baldwin - sax
Bruce Thompson - synthesizer
Eve Garnett, Brenda Sims, Ozana Chavis - vocals!PoAGVbTK!FTYtTq6jhZ8f3Glfpa9kmqjYGa0MLHcEbkHVMvmKgrs 

JOËL + ZÉKLE - Cé Ou Minm' ! (Zekle Music, 198?)

Joël + Zéklè - Cé Ou Minm' !
Zekle Music - ZR 701
Haiti, 1980s
private press

A1 Moin Rinmin Ou
A2 Repon'moin
A3 Chin'
B1 Cé Ou Minm'
B2 Misik Sa
B3 Zel

Joël Widmaier - lead vocal, batterie, percussion, syndrom, tympani, guitare acoustique
Mushy Widmaier - piano acc. yamaha, fender rhodes, korg, mellotron, synthetiseurs, yamaha cs 15, cs15 d
Joe (T.T.) Charles - basse électrique
Claude Marcelin - guitares électriques (solo & accompagnement)
Raoul Denis, Jr. - korg, mellotron, orgue yamaha elea
Artistes Invités - Jacqueline Denis, vocal dans Misik SA / Gary Shore, sax solo dans Zel & Misik SA

Musiciens additionnels:
Arius Joseph - tambour
Ti George - gong
Ralph Boncy - Guitare accoustique dans Misik SA
Patrick Déjean - Whistling dans Moin Rinmin Ou
Gary Shore - alto & tenor sax
Jacques Fatier - trompette
Andrew Washington - trombone
Jacqueline Denis
Joël & Mushy Widmaier
Philippe Simpson & Ben Leon

 LOOPRAT sample:!rwxRzSaZ!0lqy0KByaLntNX0vWzV7jhJTNrXc2RyuYoIW1heXvEc

FERNANDO TOUSSAINT - S/T (Discos Alebrije, 1983)

Fernando Toussaint - Fernando Toussaint
Discos Alebrije - A-8301
Mexico, 1983
private press

A1 Maria
F.T. - bajo, batería, guitarra, piano, sintetizador, percusiones y coros
Jorge Conroy - guitarra de 12 cuerdas
Eugenio Toussaint - sintetizador y Fender rhodes
Jorge Peña - piano
Cecilia Toussaint y Adolfo Cantu - coros

A2 Fase Mor
F.T. - piano, guitarra, batería, bajo y percusiones
Jorge Peña - piano, órgano y percusiones
Eugenio Toussaint - sintetizador

A3 Verano En Nueva York
F.T. - bajo, batería,  piano, voz, percusiones y coros
Arno Gonzalez, Jorge Peña - percusiones
Moby Villarreal - bajo
Cecilia Toussaint - voz y coros
Adolfo Cantu - coros
Jorge Peña - piano
Beto Delgado - faltas

A4 Como En Casa
Jorge Conroy - guitarra de 12 cuerdas
F.T. - guitarra de 6 cuerdas

A5 Si Perdiera La Vida
F.T. - pianos y sintetizadores
Beto Delgado - flautas
Jorge Peña - piano

B1 Introduccion
F.T. - bajo, batería, piano, sintetizador y guitarra
Netz Calderon - guitarra
Beto Delgado - sax soprano y flautas

B2 Recuerdos Del Abuelo
(dedicado a la memoria de F.T.B.)
F.T. - bajo, guitarra, batería, piano (solo), sintetizador y percusiones
Netz Calderon - guitarra
Beto Delgado - flautas

B3 Vista Del Mar
F.T. - piano, bajo (melódico), batería, voz, percusiones y coros
Beto Delgado - flauta
Jorge Peña - piano
Eugenio Toussaint - sintetizador
Adolfo Cantu y Cecilia Toussaint - coros

B4 Te Pareces Al Espejo
(o las entrañas del Anfioxus)
F.T. - batería, voz y percusiones
Jorge Peña - tumbadora y quinto
Arno Gonzalez - percusiones

Privately released in 1983 on the private label Discos Alebrije in Mexico, this self-titled album by Fernando Toussaint shows a unique and little known part of music history.  All compositions are originals by Toussaint with him playing up to 6 instruments on some, ranging from leftfield prog-y funk with synth solos to breezy vocals and latin percussion.  For all the footwork heads, there's also a DJ Rashad sample hiding on 'Si Perdiera La Vida'.!Poo0lILK!33C5Tcm1q_-4h8kDYu2xQp77R4f88Om4b_b5LaJnvhg 

GYAMFI - Osibi Music (Nubian, 1988)

Gyamfi - Osibi Music
Nubian - NBN 1225
Canada, 1988
private press

A1 Awaa-Waa-Tuu
A2 Ebe Ye Yie
B1 Ewuraba Lucy
B2 Sika Asem
B3 Efri Tete

Gyamfi - guitars, vocals, congas, apentema, cabasa
Daniel Kofi Jefferson - bass guitar
Jurgen Dahmen - keyboards
Charles Amoah - drums, backing vocals
Ansumana Bangura - congas
Ampofo Acquah - backing vocals
Frank Kojo - congas, openten, talking drums, cowbells
Peter Krick - linndrum programming, timbales


Recorded in Dusseldorf, West Germany with a mixed personnel of German and African musicians, this 1988 private press synthy highlife album is one of only a handful of known recordings by Ghanaian guitarist Rex Gyamfi.  Although likely also a German pressing, this copy was pressed in Toronto by Nubian Productions.  Not your average highlife here, with electronic drums, synth and a boogie feel on a few tracks.!y5AnVIbY!M7u0UEx3MtAtQrAHFqWt3mfnr6jmRkIco5syGMIIHrg 

MASAOMI KONDO & THE FREEDOM UNITY - Hitoribochi no Heya (Canyon, 1971)

Masaomi Kondo & The Freedom Unity - Hitoribochi no Heya
Canyon - CAL-3002
Japan, 1971

A1 ツタ (Ivy)
A2 オリーブ (Olive)
A3 キャベツ (Cabbage)
B1 サボテン (Cactus)
B2 マンドラゴラ (Mandragora)
B3 バイバブ (Baobab)

Masaomi Kondo - vocals
Masahiko Satoh - piano, electric piano, arrangements
Takeru Muraoka - sax
Hiroshi Suzuki- trombone
Kiyoshi Sugimoto - guitar
Masaoki Terakawa - electric bass
Akira Ishikawa - drums
Michio Yamagami - lyrics


From Tiliqua Records:  "Kondo Masaomi is a well know Japanese actor who made this one-off LP in 1971. He raps away on 6 tracks about various plant species such as the Mandragora, breathing out an endangered atmosphere that borders at times on sheer anarchy and agitation. He ain’t no singer, by far but recites his texts in an distraught, frenzied, well-controlled and even calm fashion, gliding on the funky psychedelic groovy airwaves that his backing band – the Freedom Unity – churns out in an addictive fashion. The Freedom Unity on this occasion consisted out some of the finest musicians to be on the scene and included heavyweight players such as Sato Masahiko (piano); Ishikawa Akira (drums – Uganda etc); Sugimoto Kiyoshi (guitar – Count Buffaloos, Hino Hideshi Group, Rock Communication, etc), Terakawa Masaoki (bass – Love Live Life + 1, Ishikawa Akira & Count Buffaloos, Dema), Muraoka Takeru (Sax - Uganda, Count Buffaloos, Love Live Life +1, Dema) and Suzuki Hiroshi (Trumpet – various line-ups of Freedom Unity). The music they bring forth ranges from jazz, free jazz, psychedelic groovy acidic jams, jazz rock and fuses neatly with Kondo Masaomi’s raps, making it a perfect unison that resembles at times the musical greatness of Innocent Canon. It is funky, jazzy, psychedelic, groovy and intoxicatingly hip shaking all at the same time. A true amalgamation and genre-crossing disc, hybrid like for some reason only Japanese records seem to pull off without loosing face. This sole recording by Kondo is largely unknown outside this island here but it is regarded and revered as a great cult item and upon spinning this disc it is easy to understand why. It just has all the right ingredients: funky bass lines, killer guitar exploits, butt-shaking jazzy vibes, rare groove spiritual like rhythms, shrinking sax insertions, fuzzy wah-wah action, crazy raps etc, all executed by top level musicians. Magical slide out of 1971, shedding another light on Japans acidic free psychedelic moves and shakes."!WpgTgAyB!jEtSOWY-GO5_RKm96gh0b0Eby2BXOoHoPTd1ABBPM_A


Chief Twins Seven Seven And The Black Ghost International - Eno Super 1 '84 (Slang  In Trance)
Nigeria, 1984
private press

A1 Shandoroko (Eiye Aborishe)
B1 People Of The World Sing With Me

"( This track is dedicated to the music lovers all over the world ) most-especially MICHAEL JACKSON & FAMILY for their Contributions to modern music awareness all over the world"!79xH2AyK!OfzUB4v7Dd-HCPdK-ELWk187UBjXi9p3kmxUuW1GfPM

HARRY CASE - In A Mood (Ichiban, 1989)

Harry Case - In A Mood
Ichiban Records - ICH 1037
US, 1989

A1 Ride 'Em Off
A2 Native Drums
A3 Chasing The Goon
A4 Quick-Wire
A5 Jam (At Your Party)
A6 Carry Me Home
B1 Midnight Samba
B2 In A Mood
B3 Air Dancer
B4 Mother-San

Harry Case - guitar, vocals
Tex Awonzee - piano, wind instruments
Casio Bhiton - bass, sub-tone image
'Foot' Lawson - drum set, native drums, lseekawaytoo, percussion
'Electric' Mann - symphony, effects

Although Harry Case has remained in obscurity, this album in particular has recently caused quite a buzz within the record collecting community, especially among new age, modern soul and balearic heads hunting for the dearth of early MTV outsider musicians and infomercial and video game computer based soundtracks.  The second and what appears to be the last of Harry Case's releases as a leader on the indie Ichiban label out of Atlanta, In A Mood exhibits a downtempo mix of breezy synth, electronic drumming and lo-fi guitar with Case's occasionally looping vocals – echoing the best of Matthew Larkin Cassell mixed with mellow digital instrumentation – with moves into balearic dance predating Larry Heard early 90s work and tropical soulful electronic popular contemporarily with the likes of Andras Fox. 

This obscure lp shows Case building on the electronic funk sound he had already crafted a year earlier on Magic Cat – even reformatting some guitar progressions from the first session e.g. 'Easy Vamp' to 'Midnight Samba' – but In A Mood fits together much more coherently as the songs blend seamlessly into one another for a vapory lo-fi synth-folk-funk atmosphere.  From my best guess though, 'Electric' Mann and the rest of the personnel here are aliases by Case, but maybe someone down in Georgia can verify Casio Bhiton as a premier bass player around Atlanta in the late 80s?  Other than the two lps and a 12" 'Niagara' single, Case's short-lived career was rounded out by some session work on guitar but nothing quite as mysteriously intriguing yet melodically ethereal as 'In a Mood'.  Perhaps you can still find Case playing guitar somewhere around Decatur, GA; maybe he's even hard at work on the next new age soul masterpiece.  Cannot recommend this masterpiece enough – it is quite nearly impossible to find other records that come together so perfectly in sound blending such disparate influences into beautifully crafted soulful music.!ClBTDJKI!Tr7ZOniETgWkfuavXwWXLLhCqupO4_xtuBTT9y1ERiI

TAKEO MORIYAMA - East Plants (VAP, 1983)

Takeo Moriyama - East Plants
VAP - 30132-25
Japan, 1983

A1 East Plants
A2 Ta-Ke
A3 Ka-Ge-Lo-U
B1 Ka-Ze
B2 Fields
B3 To-O-Ku

Takeo Moriyama - drums

Syuichi Enomoto - tenor sax, soprano sax

Hideaki Mochizuki - bass
Yohji Sadanari - percussion
Toshihiko Inoue - tenor sax, soprano sax!79YwUbgY!56SR4SwgNMt-wKFyJdZzCck4iipTDNXD9tHAvZ5-724

SUNAO WADA QUINTET + 1 featuring MINORU IKENO - Four Scenes (Three Blind Mice, 1976)

 Sunao Wada Quintet + 1 featuring Minoru Ikeno - Four Scenes
Three Blind Mice - TBM-75
Japan, 1976

A1 Sunset on the Street
A2 Ambushin' the Blues
B1 Jumping Dog
B2 The Shimmer of the Morning Sun

Sunao Wada - guitar
Minoru Ikeno - alto sax, flute, percussion
Sizuo Nakayama - piano, electric piano
Hitomi Ueda - vocals, whistle, cowbell
Kazuaki Yamamoto - bass
Koji Yamada - drums!64xkXCQZ!FgwmfSXDS1sZSwPcWrpXXxf9qglxgKdA9UJ7L54E5-w