THE CHARLES MOFFETT FAMILY – Vol. 1 (Charles Moffett Recording, 1975)

The Charles Moffett Family – Vol. 1
Charles Moffett Recording/codaryl publications – LRS-RT-6142
US, 1975
private press

A1 Gypsy Lady
A2 Wishbone Suite
B1 Peace On My Mind
B2 Jubilee!

Charles Moffett – percussion and trumpet
Patrick McCarthy – string bass
Codaryl Moffett – percussion
Charles Moffett, Jr. – alto and tenor sax
Charnett Moffett – string bass and trumpet
Mondre Moffett – trumpet, flugelhorn, baritone

Your music
     swallows me
     inside myself,
A flood of feelings
     washes over
   and I ache…
feeling small,
Because you give me
   so much,
And I have nothing
  I can give you
       in return
  except my tears
    so I cry
                … Judy Rosenberg


  1. hi nijimasu, I just discovered your place, Simon666 kept an eye (no, ear!) open for me and winked me about a new Summertime version by the Randy Rayment Quintet, here on endless planets [;-) I collect as many as possible Summertimes, a bit crazy I know.... But this Charles Moffett Family album is just CRAZY good, wow!
    Thanks for sharing, even played it for my girlfriend, she like it too (not being a jazzhead at all!).
    I still hear reminiscing sounds from Ornette's thingys in this music, though far more bluesy/gospel/soul - spiritual indeed...Listened to this 4 times past week, it's a gem, again thank you.

    (my therapeutic little blog you can find by clicking on )

  2. hey e-mile, thanks for the kind words, much appreciated. had a look at your place, very interesting comps you've got on there. have you by chance heard the version of summertime on this album: also a great version of take five on there too (looks like you did a take five comp awhile back as well). if you haven't and are interested, ill send you a link. cheers!

  3. Nice drop. Thanks for the upgrade. Superb record ;)

  4. hi nijimasu, I checked my archive and I haven't got Lee Gagnon...2 birds with one stone, excellent [:-)
    Would be appreciated if you could drop me a link, indeed!

  5. I also just discovered Endless Planets. Great music!

    Big thank you for this! I've been wanting to hear this for a while, after listening to Moffetts' "The Gift." Really excited to hear this. Thanks again!