ARIK RUDICH - Mantra (not on label, 1987)

Arik Rudich - Mantra
not on label - LP77
Israel, 1987
private press

A1 Code of Silence
A2 Final Farewell
A3 Nightmare
A4 Longing
A5 Contaminated
B1 Innocence
B2 Mantra
B3 100 Gates
B4 Last Part

Arik Rudich - piano, e. piano, cp-80, linn drum, dx-7, tx-7, fairlight ii, fairlight iii, obx-8 oberheim, matrix 12, mini moog, p.p.g-2,3, yamaha cs70m, synclavier ii, prophet 5, percussion, atari st. programming, tape!OsB0TR7Z!SegPI3Ed-u5KiAXmOuYImBDZlQcNWR6XqBEdH8QXWPk 


  1. thank you. might be of interest for people to know is that 100 gates (the sample track) is the name of the ultra orthodox jewish neighborhood in jerusalem.