GLEN HALL – The Book Of The Heart (1979)

Sonora – SA-101
U.S., 1979

A1 Orchid Opening Downwards (Hall)
A2 Kitab Al Qalb (The Book of the Heart) (Hall)
A3 El Borrado (Hall)
A4 For Marianne (M. Schoof)
B1 Blue Seven (S. Rollins)
B2 Iris (W. Shorter)

Glen Hall: tenor sax, soprano sax, bass clarinet, percussion
Joanne Brackeen: piano
Billy Hart: drums, wood block
Cecil McBee: bass
Joshua Breakstone: guitar (B4 only)

Taken as a whole, the music of The Book Of The Heart displays seemingly opposing characte-ristics of my musical self.  But this is only an appearance.  For me, form and freedom, melody and abstraction, are parts of a continuum.  To be able to move back and forth between the apparently contradictory qualities in music – to do so creatively, sensitively, freely, deliberately – to be 'master of the option' is my long-term goals as a musician and a composer.
— Glen Hall

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