SADAO WATANABE – Pastoral (1969)

CBS/Sony – 23AP 1066
Japan, 1969

A1 Pastoral
A2 Bridge
A3 Tokyo Suite: Sunrise/Sunset
B1 Gary, Outro Samba
B2 Someday In Suburbs
B3 Fandango
B4 Closing Theme From "Kin-Kira-Kin"
B5 Ritmo Sabroso

Sadao Watanabe: tenor sax, soprano sax, flute
Yoshiaki Masuo: guitar
Yoshio Suzuki: fender bass, bass, piano
Fumio Watanabe: drums, percussion
Kazuo Yashiro: electric piano
Hiroshi Matsumoto: vibes
Masahiro Tanaka: flugelhorn
Chiyoshige Matsubara: flugelhorn

all composition and arrangement by Sadao Watanabe

"Pastoral" is Watanabe; it is the putting together of everything he has learned in the past 18 years.  His experiences in jazz, the classics and the blending of sounds and rhythms show him off as the complete musician.  Having been on hand for this most unusual recording session, I can personally attest to Watanabe's virtuosity and inventiveness.  The session was long and arduous because Watanabe is a perfectionist.  He would play and listen, play and listen and then play it all over again.  Sadao doesn't like to think of himself as only a jazzist although he has played with some of the best, both in the United States and Brazil.  His good friends Gary McFarland and Chico Hamilton have had some influence on him, but what he does, he does from somewhere deep inside his soul.  All of the compositions in this album are Watanabe's and it should establish him as one of the best young composers in Japan.  Sitting through this album is an experience.  It is one of the finest recordings my ears have heard in a very long time.  Watanabe inspires; he reaches for the heights; he satisfies the most critical jazz buff while never offending the casual listener.  This is a true test of greatness.
— Elson E. Irwin   Billboard Editor, Tokyo ]

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