Williamsburgh Music Center Inc. – WMC-3098
US, 1984

A1 Spear It Chew All
A2 Waltz For My Love
A3 I Got It Bad
B1 Life
B2 The Loved Ones

Armen Boyajian – violin
Jason Hwong – violin, viola
Eileen Folson – cello
Gerry Eastman – electric and acoustic bass, guitar
Marsha Frazier – piano
Joe Ford – alto and soprano sax
John Abrams – tenor sax
Reynold Scott – baritone sax, flute
Khaliq Al-Rouf – tenor sax, flute
Longineu Parsons – trumpet
Ambrose Jackson – trumpet
Mack Rucks – trumpet
Mike Guerrier – trombone
John Betsch – drums (A2 only)
Newman Baker – drums
Jessica Cleaves – vocals

Produced by Williamsburgh Music Center, Inc.

Privately released orchestra jazz album from the Williamsburgh Music Center in Brooklyn, headed by Gerry Eastman and Joe Ford who both recorded on Birthright's Breath of Life.  With other personnel including Longineu Parsons on trumpet, Khaliq Al-Rouf of The Ensemble Al-Salaam on sax and flute, and John Betsch on drums, it is no wonder this album is full of forward thinking modal/spiritual jazz, but it is the addition of the string section that makes this one sound remarkably like a lost Tapscott led Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra recording.  This one is not to miss!


  1. Wow ! Thank you! I've never heard of this recording. A few of my friends are playing on this record too. Is there a volume 2 as well?

  2. Hi Erberken, I haven't been able to find any info on a vol.2 so am not sure if there are any more recordings with this lineup. I do have a second lp released by Gerry Eastman on the Williamsburgh Music Center label, though, but it is quintet/sextet arrangements instead. Cheers

    1. It's titled My Real Self, I'll gladly post if you're interested.

  3. Hi Nijimasu. I haven't been online in a few days. However, I would love to hear the Gerry Eastman recording whenever you have the chance. Thanks for the great music here.

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    Ace music ...

    Best Katonah (Private Press)

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