FRED TOMPKINS - Cécile (F.K.T., 1979)

Fred Tompkins - Cécile
F.K.T. - 103
US, 1979
private press

A1 Cecile
Susan Deaver - flute
Lawrence Feldman - soprano & tenor sax
Norman Carey - piano
Frank Tusa - bass
Rick Cutler - drums 

A2 Preludes & Four Lines
Lee Volckhausen - flute
Pamela Epple - oboe
Noah Young - bass
Billy Mintz - drums

B1 Trio for Dr. Taussig
Fred Tompkins - flute
Odile Tompkins - alto recorder
Norman Carey – piano

B2 Waltz Variations
Bryant Hayes - Bb clarinet
Norman Carey - piano
Michael Moore - bass
Billy Mintz - drums!H143lYzQ!fqpz6w3nE2uV94I2h5r29WYXZoJ9lhnEuCCUpXczXDE


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  2. This is utterly beautiful. Thank you very much. Do you happen to have the Compositions of.. or Somesville LPs? All the best!

    1. sorry, don't have the others. will post if i come across them. glad you enjoy

  3. Unknown to me and just wonderful. Thanks so much. Hey Simon :^)

  4. I got to the file "Trio For Dr. Taussig" and it is empty. Would love to hear it if you could upload. thanks.

    1. i reupped the whole file, so it should work now. let me know if you keep having problems and thanks for the comments. cheers

  5. Thanks nijimasu -- In the re-up, Taussig still extracts in WinRAR as "Unknown file type" and won't play. The others are WAV files and play fine.