Kartlon Hester and the Contemporary Jazz Art Movement – Hesterian Musicism

Hesteria – Hesteria 00002
US, 1982
private press

A1 El Paso Sunrise
A2 Y La Estacîon De Lluvias Comienza
A3 The Pee Cal Flute Experiment – flute quintet
B1 Visitor From The Outside
B2 For The Affect Of It – flute trio
B3 Felicitous Circus (Postlude to "Pan African Ballet Music")

Contemporary Jazz Art Movement
Kartlon Hester – flute
Bette Hered – oboe, English horn
Sonja Williams – oboe
Patricia Weise – violin
Dwaine Spurlin – trumpet, flugelhorn
Will Ozier – guitar
Terry Elliott – piano
Charles Thomas – electric bass
James Lewis – acoustic bass
Kamau Seitu – drums
Pamela Jackson – vocals

Flute Quintet
Karlton Hester – flute
Coral Adee – piccalo
Bette Hered – oboe
Maurette Beansnap – alto flute
Susan Smith – bass flute

Flute Trio
Karlton Hester – flute
Carol Adee – flute
James Lewis – bass

Felicitous Circus

From a dream I slowly rise
to a realm in a place with gold and azure skies.
I feel the universe is all mine
and wonderous days of youth shall always guide me kindly high.

I see my inner self as a balanced whole.
I'm free to trust with my new perennial soul, new perennial soul.
While I'm centered here I will dance and sing;
with subtle energy I now sense everything.

Beautiful thoughts of love are in my mind,
all at tune to a sound with shapes of every kind.
Then as the light we see beams far beyond the cloud
the tones sound very clear, but not from being loud.

We blend into an orchestra of celestial sound.
We join this orchestra in a never ending round, never ending round…
and suddenly there's the harmony
that all my life I've sought so deep inside of me.

It's here we all can be so kind;
I know this peaceful place knows the rhyme and time.
There's room for everything and everyone
to learn what magic is so soon they all will come.



  1. this sounds like tha bomb.
    thank you very much yet again for sharing and expanding our horizons.
    as always, very highly appreciated

  2. Outstanding. Thanks so much. Hey Simon.

  3. A new surprise, again (as usual...). many thanks !!

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