BILLY PETERSON BAND – Threshold of Surrender (1981)

Celebration – CB-5010
US, 1981

A1 Gun Lap
A2 Odin's Oarship
A3 Tracy
B1 California Extremes
B2 Threshold of Surrender
B3 Teresa

Billy Peterson – string bass, bowed bass, piano, drums
Bobby Peterson – piano, electric piano
Bob Rockwell – tenor sax, soprano sax, bass clarinet
Brian Griuna – tenor sax
Greg Lewis – trumpet
Dave Graff – trombone
Steve Wright – flugelhorn
Jim Ten Bensel – trombone, bass trombone
John England – trombone
Dave Karr – flute, alto flute
Paul Lagos – drums
Mike Elliott – guitar
Steve Kimmell – percussion
Bill Berg – percussion
Dabba Albada – percussion

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  1. the stream of wonderful music's just keep on flowing.
    thank you so much for the exposure of such delights.